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Thursday, 28 July 2016 00:00
Dear Empower Women Community,

This month has been full of wonderful events and activities!

We had 4 successful  webinars in Spanish with more than 500 attendees and we are looking forward to our last session of the series on Thursday 4 August. If you happen to attend all our sessions, don't forget you may be eligible to obtain a certificate of completion.

We also celebrated our Champions for concluding their Championship with flying colors. In the online celebration, they spoke about being a Empower Women Champion for Women's Economic Empowerment, what it meant to them and how they will continue the work from here onwards. 

A few days later we commemorated World Youth Skills Day and we were invited to share on why ICT skills are important for women's entry into the workforce in the years to come.  
During this past month, we launched #HERstory, a campaign that highlights women's contributions and achievements throughout history.  

If that wouldn't be enough, in the upcoming month we are looking forward to launching a new campaign called  #BreakTheGlass. This visual and storytelling campaign will focus on showcasing how women break the invisible barriers that deter them from succeeding whether at the professional or individual level. Stay tuned, you should be part of it!

Last but definitely not least, we have been working on further improvements to our online website. To find out and take advantage of these new features take a look below! We are also looking forward to planning the International Youth Day on 12 August. If you have ideas or would like to be part of it, don't hesitate to reach out to us! 
The Empower Women Team @UN Women
#HERstory Campaign 
To raise awareness, close the gender knowledge gap, and start changing the future records of history to also become HERstory, Empower Women, the UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth, and a group of volunteer champions are working on enhancing and increasing the content available on Wikipedia on women and gender equality. Help us celebrate #HERstory on the 2016 International Youth Day on 12 August. Contribute, promote, and celebrate women of the world. Are you going to be part of the change? 
Fish Trade, a Path to Economic Empowerment
Lorna Adikah from Kenya responded to the growing demand for high quality fresh fish in her region. With support from financial institutions, she expanded her business by improving both her product and processes to gain a competitive edge over men in this male-dominated sector. Lorna has challenged the traditional belief that women's roles in the fishing industry are limited, and proved once again that entrepreneurship is a viable way for women to support themselves and their families. 
Leading Her Community to Economic Empowerment 

After receiving the title of "bad woman" due to the loss of her only son at sea, Yayi Bayam Diouf started to organize small gatherings in her community to raise awareness about illegal immigration. Her initiative gave birth to the Women's Collective For the Fight Against Illegal Immigration and a training centre that provides young women guidance to create small businesses around fishing activities.   

The Power of Mentoring 

Gina had realized that many children in Malaysia were out of school because their mothers could not afford their school fees. This gave Gina the idea of creating an online platform where women could sell handmade indigenous products and earn money to support their families. Through a partnership between the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and Qualcomm Wireless Reach, Gina was able to receive mentorship and intensive training on business, ICT and English skills allowing her to developed her entrepreneurial idea. This initiative has shown that mentoring can play a vital role in breaking down the barriers faced by women entrepreneurs in developing and emerging economies. 
Find more about this story or read the full study here!
Gender Equality Through Private Sector Engagement
In Georgia, the private sector is increasingly recognized as a key player to drive economic growth. To address women's low representation in the labour force and over-representation in low-paying sectors and positions, UN Women Georgia organized two training sessions on the WEPs to boost private sector engagement.
Boosting Women's Entrepreneurship in ICT
ICTs are crucial in accelerating the economic empowerment of women and girls. UN Women Mali in collaboration with Africa Rising offered a three-day training to 15 women and girls entrepreneurs to strengthen their business skills and share expert tips to help them move their startups to the next level. The winning projects encompassed a wedding site, a learning application and a digital museum.
Read more in English or French

Leverage Your Interview Skills with Empower Women!
With fewer jobs and more applicants, the current economic climate requires job seekers to have impeccable interviewing skills. With women facing more challenges in the job market, we are pleased to present some Dos and Don'ts to consider.
Women's Empowerment as Key Driver of Growth
The 2016 Astana Economic Forum brought together 4,300 participants from more than 130 countries to discuss economic development issues, changes in the global economy and Eurasia's financial challenges. Participants were reminded that "empowering women to participate fully in economic life is essential to expand economic growth and build strong economies" and were called upon to sign the WEPs.
Raising Awareness of 
Female Employees

World of Butterfly is a project that aims to raise awareness of health, law, family and personal development issues among the female employees of Yesim Textil, a WEPs signatory company that has one of the largest number of female employees in Turkey. Watch two short films to learn more about this project.
Gender Equality is Happening. Play Your Part
Check out how gender equality programmes are changing the lives of women across the globe through UN Women's Fund for Gender Equality (FGE). Also watch featured videos from the FGE stories from Lebanon and Guinea.
To have your story considered for the next issue of the Empower Women Newsletter, upload the story to www.empowerwomen.org or email us on  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  no later than 8 August 2016. Remember that all stories should include at least one high resolution picture.
Women Migrant Workers Organize in Mexico
In late 2015 and early 2016, a series of 39 training courses were organized all over Mexico. They offered safe spaces for migrant women to share their experiences, and discuss how to improve their lives. Teófila Diaz Jimenez, a migrant worker and indigenous woman from Chiapas Mexico, attended the workshops after hearing about it from another migrant family.The training helped her find her own voice, understand her rights and pass on the knowledge to other indigenous migrant women in various communities.  
More in English or Spanish 
Revolutionizing Agriculture through Information Technology
Meet Tülin Akin, a woman who studied agriculture with a passion to contribute to the improvement of rural people's lives. Turning her passion into a profession, she created innovative solutions to improve farmers' access to information. One of her contributions is thethe Vodafone Farmers Club, which disseminates weather conditions and personal agricultural information. 
Last Webinar in Spanish of the Empower Women Series
We are getting close to the end of our Spanish webinar series after 4 successful sessions. This upcoming 4 August don't miss our last webinar of the series! Sign up to EmpowerWomen.org and register now! 
We will provide a certificate of completion to all those participants who successfully pass the quiz on 5 August. 
Beating the Odds in the Steel 
and Manufacturing Industry
Is it possible to measure the benefits of networking and knowledge-sharing? For Tebogo Mashego, owner and founder of a metal company, the answer is yes. After attending the 2015 Sharefair on Gender Equality in the Extractive Industries, sheincreased her business productivity and profits, and was also able to discover the power of women's networks. 
Why Women Remain Vastly Underrepresented in STEAM?
In this article, we explore a few of the barriers preventing women from becoming fully involved and we present some ways that can contribute to change this. To discover challenges and opportunitiesstimulate young women to be curious about ideating, coding, programming, designing, engineering and building products that solve problems and make the world a better and more inclusive place. 
Explore more Events & Opportunities happening around the world!
Do You Know Your Constitution 
from a Gender Lens?
UN Women would like to introduce the first searchable database that presents constitutional provisions through a gender lens. This Database serves as a one-stop resource for a variety of technical and non-technical users. Do you know your constitution and its provision for gender equality and women's empowerment? 
Check it out here
We Keep Getting Better

We are constantly working to make the Empower Women website better with new features and improvements. Some of the new things you can do include:
  • TwitterNew Users can now register & login with their twitter account.
  • Social WallExplore our Social Wall with our real-time Facebook and Twitter posts.
  • NotificationsYou will now receive notifications on your personal profile page when others comment or reply to your stories, discussions, etc.
  • Keyword SearchUse the new keyword search to find exactly what you are looking for on each content page.
Inspiring Change Around the World
You may be the next Champion of Change! Get inspired!
I Feel Empowered
Chiara Bellani did not know what it would entail to be an Empower Women Champion when she first applied. But now after concluding her Championship she recognizes it has been an extremely rewarding and enlightening experience. Her role as a Champion encouraged her to organize a luncheon at the European Commission. She also organized a high-level conference on women's economic empowerment. Get inspired by Chiara!
STEM Awareness 
Primary Education 
Girls an boys tend to limit their career options which are often based on gender stereotypes and unconscious bias. Laura Martinez, 2015 Empower Women Global Champion from Spain, designed and developed a gender equality curriculum for elementary schools to tackle this problem. Her project aims to create awareness and question stereotypes in primary education since they are formed early in life. Therefore, we need to tackle them early as well. 
World Youth Skills Day
On World Youth Skills Day, 15 July 2016, at a side event held at the UN Headquarters in New York UN Women launched the "Global Coalition of Young Women Entrepreneurs" to promote young women's innovation and entrepreneurship. Empower Women was invited to share why Information and Communication Technologies (ITCs) have become indispensable for women's effective participation in the economy. At the event we also explained that with ICTs many young women entrepreneurs access key sources of information, opportunities to build networks and taking advantage of the increasing number of online mentoring programs and web-based and mobile-assisted learning tools.
Garanti Bank
Garanti is the first bank in Turkey to adopt the seven Women's Empowerment Principles that provide guidance on how to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community. Garanti also supports the HeForShe initiative that emphasizes men's support for women's rights and gender equality.
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