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Sunday, 15 November 2009 13:55

According to the Regulations of the Alliance of Women's Legislative Initiatives approved by the AWLI General meeting on May 27, 2008 (Section VI. Receiving the AWLI Membership and Withdrawal from the AWLI Membership), becoming an AWLI member or withdrawing from the AWLI members is conducted in the following way:


"6.1. Becoming an AWLI member is made upon written application

6.2. An AWLI member can withdraw his/her membership status from the AWLI members on a voluntary basis upon his/her written request

6.3. AWLI members can be withdrawn from their AWLI membership in proved cases when member actions contradict or oppose the AWLI goals, tasks and principles. The decisions are made on basis of gaining a simple majority of the AWLI members' votes."


To become an AWLI member, please fill out an application form provided below for an individual or for an organization, respectively. Please submit your application to the AWLI contact details indicated at the bottom of the application. You will be informed about the AWLI decision on your membership after the decision is made.

Application for organizations to participate in AWLI activities


Application for individuals to participate in AWLI activities



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